Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is it just me?

As teenagers (or even before then!) we start to realize that most of our parents "catch phrases" are, well, dorky. Somewhere around this age we promise ourselves that we will never do or say these lame things. After all, we are destined to become really cool adults. 

And then BAM! You have a baby. I think something about speaking in that "baby voice" turns on the need to insert lame phases into everything we say to our non-judging babies. And voila! We are transformed into the dorky parents we always knew we wouldn't become. I personally blame the severity of my transformation on the fact that i have 4 younger siblings, so I was around that "baby talk" for most of my childhood.

Poor Colbi gets referred to as "sugar pop," "love bug," "sister," and "lover." She gets greeted with a "hehwo!" and gets asked if she wants to eat "ninners" when she is hungry. I tell her that I am "sahwy" when she cries. 
Annnnd it's all nonsense.

Now I'm not blaming my parents for doing this to me, as I expect they had to come to the same terrifying realization of the nonsense they were saying, just as I have now had to.

Sweet Colbi, your mom is, in fact, lame.

Phew, now that that's off my chest, here are some more of the photos my talented friend, Katie Sabbah, took for us:

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  1. Jaynie...this post made me laugh! :) You are so cute and so is your sweet family! Wish we were closer to be able to see that sweet baby that someday will think you are a complete nerd! :) Love you