Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Blessing

Last Sunday was one of those days when you look around and wonder, "how did I get here so fast?" We had the privilege of giving Colbi a name and blessing in our ward here in Pennsylvania on the 14th. My family was able to fly out to support us and spend the weekend with us. 

The circle of priesthood holders that participated in the blessing were Tyson, his dad, my dad, a member of the bishopric, and 2 other men in our ward that Tyson is friends with. And my 11 year old brother, Ammon, got to hold the microphone. Although it was a small circle, it was such a powerful experience. As a new mother, it's hard to prepare yourself for the sweet feelings you experience as you watch your husband take your new daughter in his arms and pray to our Heavenly Father on her behalf. The blessing was tender and simple, but is a blessing I hope Colbi will live in harmony with her entire life.Love, pride, reverence. It was truly an amazing day.


  1. She is getting so big!!! Sweet pictures Jaynie!

  2. So sweet! I can't wait until we bless our little guy too. You all look so happy! :)