Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Marostica

I suppose it is about time to announce our next adventure (as if you didn't know already)! Tyson and I are expecting a little GIRL in September! We couldn't be more thrilled :)

We are definitely still struggling with names though- who knew picking part of an individual's identity before we even meet them could be so hard? But we have about 10 weeks to figure it out so I'm not panicking just yet.

Farewell to Hawaii...

Hawaii will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is where Tyson and I both got our under-graduate education...not to mention where we met, fell in love, and started our little eternal family (and yes Pounder counts in that family)

Leaving the island was very bitter-sweet because it holds so many memories, yet we were ready to start our lives on the mainland and to tackle adventures outside of Laie.


If you haven't met Pounder yet, you are sorely missing out. Hes our 10 month old fur-baby with quite the personality. When we adopted him, he was about 10 lbs and seriously the cutest thing ever. Observe:

How can you not fall in love with that cute little face? Pounder was named after one of Tyson's favorite beaches that we lived near in Hawaii ( I was pulling for Kamehameha... but Pounder stuck). However, he has really started to fit his name as he has gained over 75lbs in the past 7 months! Yes, that means our little baby is a mere 85 pound beast.  A 'pounder' indeed.

I love looking at snapshots of our cute puppy! He has gotten so big and can be so stinkin naughty...but we can't help but love him. His favorite things to do recently are to play fetch in the creek outback with Tyson, protect the backyard from birds, squirrel, and deer, stomp in his kiddie pool, and eat fireflies out of the air.

And... of course he likes to create messes and dig up the flowers. Did I mention that we love him in spite of his puppiness?

Visitors in Hawaii

Living in Hawaii for 3 1/2 years had some perks.... one of which was that friends and family always wanted to come visit the island us! The pictures I took were few, (shocking I know) but they really hold some great memories.

My younger brother, Austin was able to come stay with us for about a week, and since Tyson was still on break from school, we had a lot of time to spend showing him around.

Of course we had to take him to Matsumotos  for some shave ice...with ice cream on the bottom.

Another day we spent the entire day beach-hopping so that Austin could see some of our favorite beaches,  and so that we could visit some that we hadn't gotten to try-out yet. Our friends, the Griffiths, went with us and it was just one of those perfect days. The boys body-surfed all day while Jenna and I hung out on the beach and chatted ( and ate fried banana!)

Here are the boys eating at one of the Kahuku shrimp trucks. 

Tyson, Austin, and Johnny also spent some time playing football in the sand.  It's amazing the lengths they will go to in order to catch that ball. Ha I mean, sand is soft-ish, but it will still give you a nice 'rug-burn' and diving into it will inevitably lead to a mouthful/eyeful of sand ;) It was sure fun to watch though.

I'm sad I don't have any pictures of New Year's that we celebrated while he was here. We went to Kawela Bay with some of our close friends to have a bonfire, BBQ, and watch the fireworks that Turtle Bay put on. It was such a nice way to bring in the new year, and it was a little extra special having Austin there with us.
Unfortunately, we also didn't get pictures of the hike and surfing trips that we dragged him on, but just take my word that they were eventful!

Another notable visit (that I have documentation of) was when my Mom and youngest brother and sister came to visit us when we were living in Punaluu. This was shortly before we left the island for good so it was a good time to visit :) The picture above is of Jillian and Ammon enjoying some sun and water.

Christmas 2011

Better late than never, no? Okay, so I'm backtracking a half of a year...but this was right before our camera charger disappeared so now that I have a new one (finally!) these are the pictures and events you get the privilege of seeing. 
Right before Christmas break, my lovely friend Camille threw a Christmas party/ clothing drive! It was a lot of fun and she collected a pretty large amount of clothes to donate. Of course the most memorable part of the night was when all the guys decided that they needed to try on the clothes that the girls had donated. It was crazy to see who could fit in those size 0 jeans...and of course I was mortified when my husband came out in a dress. You can thank me later for not catching a picture of that. :)

The lovely Camille showing off the Christmas goodies she prepared!

Tyson and I also got to fly out to Arizona to spend Christmas with my family for the first time! These pictures are from Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is probably my favorite family tradition. My Mom's family always gets together and has a Christmas program, complete with the reenactment of the nativity scene, Christmas carols, donuts and hot chocolate, and a round of White Elephant.

Tyson got lucky and got to play King Herod!

The Nativity scene