Sunday, October 23, 2011

As of late

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun. We are back in Hawaii, Tyson is back in school, and I have a new job as an Internal Compliance Auditor for Byuh. We love our tiny little studio apartment and have had a lot of fun with friends out here lately.

Tyson has been surfing a lot lately and has been having a blast.
Although I'm not really a "beach person" he likes to drag me along to take pictures of him ;)

This is one of Tyson and his friend catching the same wave.
If I remember correctly, this one didnt end well haha

My cute tired-out husband

Somehow I got talked into spending our Saturday watching the Phillies game at Buffalo Wild Wings
(or "B-dubbs" haha)
The food was great and the place was packed with screaming fans (of course the majority were watching a football game, but it still added to the excitement!)

It was such a beautiful day to be in Honolulu!
And see that water behind Ty? Yeah... I slipped and fell in it about 2 min after taking this picture ;)

My friend Allie and I making dinner on a Sunday.
A few of us get together every once in a while to have Sunday dinners. Lots of fun :)

This is in our little studio.
Just compare our tans. And this was when he was white.

Summer Recap

I always have such good intentions of updating our blog...but then I forget and it never gets done. However, this summer absolutely flew by. Tyson and I spent this summer in Pennsylvania where we both worked at Raven's Claw Golf Course. Tyson's parents were wonderful and put up with us for the entire summer. It was really nice to get to know Tyson's family better and enjoy Pennsylvania.

Tyson's sweet mother made me a delicious cheesecake with an oreo crust (which is my favorite!) 
to celebrate my birthday the night we flew in. 

Tyson and his dad caught 2 little turtles that we kept as pets on the kitchen counter...
While RaeLynn was out of town of course. This one's name was Snap!
He liked to eat hot dogs and leftover easter ham.

My stud husband caught a big ole' fish.
He was quite proud of it.

Tyson was not so happy when one of his "pet" fish from the pond outside died.
His mom had to help him clean it out...
he wasn't super sure what to do ;)
What would we do without mothers??

The 3 of us outside the ball park
These pictures were at the Phillies game we went to for
Tyson's 23rd birthday!
We had great seats and even though it was crazy-hot outside, we had a really good time.
We were lucky to have Tyson's brother, Brandon, in town to celebrate with us.
All 3 of us left with some nasty sunburns that afternoon.

This is where Tyson spent most of his summer: behind the desk at Raven's Claw.
He was the Assistant Golf Professional there.
He was able to give lessons all summer and he loved every minute of it ;)

These are from of our dates we went on.
We went to the Movie Tavern and saw Crazy Stupid Love.
It was so cool because they serve you dinner while you watch the movie!
I had never been to a place like that before.
The food was good and the movie was cute!

Tyson had his 5th knee surgery this summer.

This is Tyson in the recovery room after the surgery.
He was SO out of it...
He went in to get his torn meniscus repaired..which is minor in comparison to some of his other surgeries
But they ended up removing his entire medial meniscus in his knee.
He's still not happy about that because that will most likely cause him to have a total knee replacement
much sooner in life :(  It also causes him to have to wear a cumbersome brace when he is being active...

This is a few days after surgery when we were cleaning the incisions.
It's crazy how far modern medicine has come to allow them to perform his entire surgery through those 2 little incisions.

A week or so after his surgery we drove back up to the out-patient hospital in Dansville, PA
to get his stiches out.

Since we were close to where Tyson grew up,
 he got to show me around.
I got to see where he used to live, where he went to school, and of course the various
golf courses, gymnasiums, and soccer fields he used to compete at.
Sometimes it's nice to relive the glory days ;)
And of course we had to go get some icecream at The Freeze!
Unfortunately it was storming the whole time
so we ate it in the car.

On our way back to Hawaii when the summer was over we stopped in AZ for a week.
It was nice to see my family again!
Tyson spent the entire trip with my brothers and dad...
doing "boy stuff"
This is Tyson and Ben shooting in the desert.
Isn't he cute?
All-in-all this was a really good summer.
Of course, I left out about 95% of it...but I still havent gotten the hang of remembering to photograph
our life.