Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now for real flash by. I told you I didn't take very many pictures haha
Eating Acai Bowls at Kava Roots...which sadly no longer exists
This super attractive picture of us is us snorkeling at Bikini Beach in Laie

Getting ready to go to the beach. That pink &white towel looks super cute on Tyson, don't you think? ;)

Haven't figured out why we took a picture of me holding a water filter...but with not many pics to choose from, here it is haha

Hiking the Napali Coast in Kauai with Justin &Ashley!

Our rental car in Kauai lol

Tyson body-surfing in Kauai. The water really is clearer than it looks here.

These 2 pics (above and below) are a couple of the waterfalls we went to on Kauai

I think this is the only picture we have of our first Christmas. Look our cute our tiny tree is! :)

These pictures are from one of our dates we went on. We had a picnic and played games at the beach park by China Man's Hat

Right before going to the "Sweethearts Ball" (our ward's valentines dance)
It took a little twisting of the arm to get him there, but we ended up having a lot of fun ;)
Not really sure how many pics each of these posts can handle- but don't wanna overload it so I'm gonna break it up. Here are some of our wedding photos. This was seriously an amazing weekend. I got to meet Tyson's whole family and I was sealed to my sweetheart in the Mesa AZ temple on September 4, 2010.
(Photos by Clive)

This is everyone that was there for us when we got out of the temple :)

Tyson's whole family 

My family

These are the pictures from our reception

The entire bridal party

Our first dance...

Throwing the bouquet...My little sis, Rachelle, caught it haha
So...Tyson and I have been married about 6 months now and I realized I am about the worst person ever at taking pictures and documenting anything. So in an effort to have some more concrete memories of our life, this is our blog. I'm keeping this public for the time being, so....don't judge me. This is a very brief overview of our first 6 months...and the extent of the pictures I have. Here goes...I guess I'll have to start from the beginning.
These are a few of our engagement pictures: (Photos by Priceless Moments)

These were all taken in Pennsylvania just a couple days after we got engaged last summer.